Snake Eyes

Singed Copies


Small-time mobster Neil DiChristo is a happy-go-lucky bookmaker who prefers wine, women, and good food, not necessarily in that order, to any serious work or crime. One morning he is dragged out of his house by a team of FBI agents who have put together enough false information to throw him in prison for life and mark him as an informant to get him killed. All they want, they say, is for him to get close enough to a Russian operative to bring him down. It seems the only chink is the Russian’s gambling habit, and DiChristo’s credentials in that area give him the greatest chance of gaining the supposed spy’s confidence. With no good option available, he reluctantly agrees.

From the opening page, Neil DiChristo is catapulted into a bizarre world of intrigue, murder, and more sex and romance than is healthy for anyone—where nothing is as it seems and his fate is beyond his control. All Neil wants is to be left alone.   Fat chance.

“Girard shines as a storyteller.”
Publisher’s Weekly (about Blood of Our Fathers)

“Sex and romance, mobsters and spies. What more could a girl ask for?”
—Kim Delaney, actor, NYPD Blue (ABC TV)

“Sonny certainly knows all the players, and when it comes to this kind of book he’s as good as anyone.”
—James Caan, actor, The Godfather, Vegas (NBC TV)

“Girard captivates the reader. He is an accomplished storyteller.”
—Literary Journal (about Blood of Our Fathers)

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Sonnys Mob Reader

By Sonny Girard

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