Sins of Our Sons

Singed Copies


 In one swift stroke, an assassin’s bullet elevated Mickey Boy Messina from foot soldier to boss of the Calabra Crime Family – and left him with a legacy of pain and confusion. Now Mickey Boy is walking a delicate line, caught between the thrill of a power he never dreamed would be his, and Frank Halloran, a rock-hard parole officer determined to bring him down; between Don Peppino Palermo, a treacherous old Sicilian boss scheming to change the face of New York’s organized crime, and Laurel, Mickey Boy’s smart, sexy, no-nonsense wife. For her sake – and for the sake of Hope, the baby daughter he prayed for to end his line of mob inheritance – Mickey Boy is filled with a new ambition: to lead his people away from their criminal tradition and into the legitimate world. But in a dark society laced with misplaced trusts, and peppered with sudden and violent revenge, the road into daylight has always been paved with blood and sorrow…






Sonnys Mob Reader

By Sonny Girard

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