Blood of Our Fathers

Singed Copies


Jailed for something he did not do, Mickey Boy Messina, an associate of the Calabra crime family in New York City, is paroled after six years and must put his life back together. He is caught between a parole officer who wants to catch him consorting with known members of organized crime so that he can return Messina to prison, and Laurel, with whom he falls deeply in love only to find that she hates his way of life. At the same time he is invited to join the Calabra family as a man of rank and is close to discovering who his father is. Written while the author was in prison for racketeering, this first novel vividly portrays the American Mafia, showing how Messina could live in that ambivalent world of violence and honor. Girard captivates the reader with his insider's knowledge but neither romanticizes nor denigrates the Mafia's vast power and wealth. He is an accomplished storyteller.






Sonnys Mob Reader

By Sonny Girard

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