Sonny Girard's Alternative Measures

Singed Copy

                                                  Alt measures                           

  What happens when organized crime has been wiped out in a city like Philadelphia? Does that mean crime is done, or is the crime left in the wake of the mob's demise too chaotic for the city to handle? In "Alternative Measure," when the Mayor, who is running for Governer, is unable to deal with the random violence that grips his city, he comes up with alternative measures, to have imprisoned mobsters released to recapture their neighborhood so he can concentrate his police force in others. The D.A. who gets the assignment is an Italian who has fought to overcome the mob stigma. The leader of the crew she has to spring from prison claims he was framed to lock him away. It's a match made in hell.





Autographed 6x9 Soft Cover

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By Sonny Girard